One UN newsletter-October-2014

Message from the Resident Coordinator


It is fitting that we are launching the special issue of the “UN Voice in Ethiopia’ newsletter in time to mark the United Nations Day, celebrated every year on 24 October. 


Ethiopia was one of the original Member States to have signed the UN Charter. The UN has been working with Ethiopian people since then, and today 26 UN agencies, funds, and programmes are based in the country, working in all regions, to support the country’s growth and transformation.


The different parts of the UN in Ethiopia are making great strides in planning, thinking, programming, operating, and communicating together. “UN Voice in Ethiopia” will help showcase some of the impressive results we are seeing from that enhanced coordination and effectiveness. 


The UN is at the forefront of feeding populations affected by disaster; vaccinating children against life-threatening diseases; and assisting the largest refugee population in Africa.  We are working with Government to expand access to treatment and care in the fight against HIV; to improve quality of education and healthcare for all, especially girls and women; and to improve agricultural outputs. We are helping Ethiopia promote green growth, generate decent work, and develop industries and local entrepreneurship. We are supporting the country in enhancing social protection, disaster risk management, and human rights. 


As part of our work to ensure voices of citizens are reflected in the decisions which affect their lives, we are building the capacity of a wide range of national institutions that underpin democracy. Right now we are putting a package in place to support the general elections next year.  We are very passionate to see that this programme is successfully implemented, because we see democracy and good governance not as important ends in themselves. They are also important means to improve and secure development. 


As we mark this UN Day, all of us in the UN will be re-dedicating ourselves to working together to build a bright future for all Ethiopians. We look forward to working with all our partners – Government, donors, civil society, the private sector, academia, and the 

media – to make that happen.


The UN belongs to all of us. I hope you will find ‘UN Voice in Ethiopia’ an exciting platform for learning more about the UN’s work in Ethiopia.