UNHCR Ethiopia Newsletter August 2016


Rain falls hitting the muddy floor outside of Omer’s house; a one room he shares with his family of four. Omer, 51, sits in a grey blanket holding on to the crutches that help him move from one place to another whilst he thinks about the twists and turns that brought him to Ethiopia. Omer is one of the some 39,000 Sudanese nationals who were forced to flee their homes back in 2011 when war erupted in their home country.


Originally from Kadugli in the Sudanese Nuba Mountains, Omer never thought he would live to tell his story. “I heard bangs of a metal stick into things, people - I was arrested with others,” he recalls. Taken with dozens, Omer remembers being in captivity for two weeks. “A lot of relatives and friends were killed; I think I was lucky because I was never chosen to be killed. I was waiting for my time,” he adds. Read the full newsletter